Statistics Pro

Statistics Pro 1.0

Statistics Pro is a small but efficient tool able to help students and pros

Statistics Pro is a program that allows students and pros to get hold of quick replies to complex statistical formulas/equations, covering the most common equations such as Combinatorics (including Permutations and Combinations), Probability, Expected Values, Confidence Intervals, Data Analysis, and Hypothesis Testing. The program provides a fast Q&A when you use the " ? " button next to every equation, this will display information on the use of the formula and a quick example of the cases to use it (see Factorial help button). The Demo version will allow you to have accurate but limited functions, some of the limitations include that you can only create a limited number of Items, Rows, Exponents and use certain formulas only. The built-in value table is an extra that all students will appreciate when looking for a specific answer. However the program is intended for statistics students or experts, since it has no formula editing, Excel users might find it strange and limited but advance users will benefit from it.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Quick answers to specific equations and statistical problems/situations. No formula syntax to enter, just enter data and you're ready to go


  • Unless you know exactly what you're doing you'll have a blast out of this program, otherwise if you don't know the formulas you won't have a clue, this is not for the Excel average user
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